Mar 8, 2014


Elections are nearing. Probably Loksabha elections in India was never portrayed like the one we are seeing in this. Instead of being a democratic election's publicity it has become a fight between the two individuals. Here is a small piece of article which i read in facebook. Appears hilarious but unfortunately true - hingyake


BJP Rule no 1: If you don't support modi you are not a HINDU.
BJP Rule No. 2 : If you don't support BJP then you are the B-Team of Congress.
BJP Rule No. 3 : If you don't support RSS/HDL/VHP then you are not a "NATIONALIST".
BJP Rule No. 4 : "Nathuram Godse" was a NATIONALIST. Whatever he did was Correct. And he should have been awarded with "Bharat Ratna".
BJP Rule No. 5 : We (BJP) will " OFFER " apology to Muslims, if they accept it then it is Cool else they are from Bangladesh or Pakistan.
BJP Rule No. 6 : Giving " Dharna " for some Right Cause is Anarchism & Unconstitutional while Riots and Communal Violence is Constitutional ?
BJP Rule No. 7 : Kejriwal ne Anna ko Dhokha diya. But Kiran Bedi & V K Singh ne Anna ko apne palko pe bitha ke rakha.
BJP Rule No. 8 : If there is no Modi Wave on Ground then use Photoshop & create Modi Wave not only in India but also on International Grounds.
BJP Rule No. 9 : Just blindly support Modiji. Don't be Logical.
BJP Rule No. 10 : "Teri Maa ki...Tere Behen Ki..." you will listen from Modi Bhakts if you ever try to be Logical & Sensible.
BJP Rule No. 11 : If you try to solve Naxal's Problem through a peacful way then you are a "Naxalite".
BJP Rule No. 12 : As soon as Modi becomes PM, India will surpass America & UK in Development.
BJP Rule No. 13 : Gujarat Model is the only "Model" that can save INDIA.
BJP Rule No. 14 : Only in Modi's rally people can come in Millions.
BJP Rule No. 15 : After joining BJP, "Rakhi Sawant" is officially 1) Desh ki Beti 2) Nationalist 3) Honest 4)Symbol of Bhartiya Nari.
BJP Rule No. 16 : Since Amartya Sen, does not supports Modi as PM then his "Bharat Ratna" should be taken away.
BJP Rule No. 17 : When CAG raises UPA's Corruption then its 100% TRUE. When CAG raises Gujarat's Corruption then its Congress's B Team.
BJP Rule No. 18 : Modi's Mother is Mother India.
BJP Rule No. 19 : Arvind Kejriwal should have been Modiji. Since he is not supporting Modiji he is a Traitor & Anti National.
BJP Rule No. 20 : We won't form Govt with you, you should form Govt with Congress so that we can "tag" you as the B Team of Congress.
BJP Rule No. 21 : We will make Ram Mandir. But won't tell you the Date.
BJP Rule No. 22 : We are the Official "Thekedaars" of HINDUISM.
BJP Rule No. 23 : Mayawati's statues of worth 500 Crore is waste of Public Money while Modi's Statue of Unity of 2500 Crore is for Tourism.
BJP Rule No. 24 : Modi can make India " Congress Mukta Bharat" through his Speeches but AAP taking on Congress directly is a DRAMA.
BJP Rule No. 25 : NRI's supporting AAP are Ford Agents while DOW CHEMICAL responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy are Saints.
BJP Rule No. 26 : Somnath Bharti busted a Sex Racket therefore he is a Pornnath Bharti, KARNATKA BJP MLA's watching Porn in assembly is Cool.
BJP Rule No. 27 : For Modi Bhakts, "Modi got Clean Chit from SC & Gujarat Model" can be replaced with Gayatri Mantra.
BJP Rule No. 28 : Madhu Kishwar is Intelligent.
BJP Rule No. 29 : Arvind Kejriwal can't have 5 BHK House, but Modi is allowed to sit in a office of 150 Crore as he is the Future PM.
BJP Rule No. 30 : If you Vote for Modi , Your Vote goes to India else it goes to UGANDA.Rule 31:If gandhi kids enter politics , it is dynasty politics, but thackreys, yeddys, paswans arent
Rule 32: rahul gandhi is shehzada but vasundhara raje is ultra poor
Rule 33: when cong ruled stated dnt appoint lokayukta it is corrupt, but gujarat isnt
Rule 34:cong is doing divisive politics but shiv sena thrashing non maratis is unity
Rule 35: releasing terrorists in kandahar is patriotism whereas killing ajmal n afzal is anti national

image source - rediff

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