Oct 27, 2015

Amazon, don't make us 'bankrupt'

Dear Amazon,
I have been seeing your ads in many kannada newspapers from past 2 days. 'The Great Indian Sale' in view of Deepavali festival is appreciable for all those purchasers who wait for the 'deals'. I am very much disappointed with those advertisements. The festival of lights is termed as 'Diwali' in your ads. Though this festival is famous as Diwali in Non Karnataka states it is called as Deepavali in Karnataka. Use of the word 'Diwali' in Karnataka is really absurd because the word 'Diwali' in Kannada means 'bankrupt'! You should have a team to understand the local language and use local language properly before placing ads in News papers of that particular state. Or do you really mean that whoever purchases in Amazon will go 'bankrupt'? If that is the case then please continue with the present ads or make proper arrangements to change the ads. Thought of purchasing few items this time but seeing your callousness towards the Local Language i won't be purchasing anything this time.
Happy Deepavali in advance.
With Regards,

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