May 21, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal vs Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung

Narasimhan Khadri
The public spat between Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung is condemnable but inevitable, given the notorious and dubious roles played by governors and LGs in the past.

Read this story when modi as a CM had such vocal fight between his governor related to the appointment of lokayukta

Reforming the role and appointment process of the governors is the need of the hour. Whimsical and often adhoc manner that every union government uses in the appointments of governors should be done away with and a uniform procedures should be brought in, consistent with the federal nature of our polity. Raj bhavan cannot be a retirement homes for bureaucrats and aged politicians.

As they often do, media always picks the wrong end of the stick. Or rather the end which just creates noice more than anything alse. Salman khan verdict could have been used as a classical case of educating people about the dangers of drunken driving. All they did instead was to give ball-by-ball commentary about salman's road trip to the court. Similarly, Lieutenant Governor v/s Chief Minister issue can be used by the media to educate people about the intricacies about such conflicts and also lobby for reforms. 

Modi's supporters have used this occasion to pounce on Arvind Kejriwal and have labelled him as an anarchist who is not interested in governing but only controversies. It is true that Arvind Kejriwal should stop indulging in theatrics time and time again, there is not an iota of truth that he is doing mal-governance.His innovative idea of decentralized budget preparation, despite its many short comings, requires widest possible publicity. His attempts to bring transparency in the administration deserves credit which is due. Mainstream media has colour blindness for such issues. 

If the delhi Chief Minister can't chose his chief secretary and even that call will be taken by the Home minister or Lieutenant Governor then why did we have an election and why did our PM and his cabinet colleagues canvas?

To conclude, delhi government has raised a very valid issue that many Chief Ministers have raised in the past(including PM modi). It might still be for a half-state of delhi. One can indeed argue that it could have been done in a more mellowed voice. Popular CMs like kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee should learn the 'art' to take the combat into south block and not come back with empty hands.

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image source: ndtv

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