Jan 31, 2015

Kiran Bedi's Blue Print

Here's a 20-point plan for Housing, Civic Infrastructure and Transportation that will raise the quality of life for Delhi.
1) Pukka housing for jhuggie dwellers – under the Jan Punarvas Yojana; multi-level housing for people residing in jhuggies
2) Simplify housing allotment rules and convert leasehold to freehold, where appropriate

3) Low cost housing to be constructed with latest technology for middle class and lower income groups ½ and easy loans to be made available to them with easy repayment plans 2/2
4) Review of occupancy and allotments of prior housing schemes and re-allotment where possible
5) Regularization of unauthorized colonies per existing and amended guidelines
6) De-clogging of roads by implementing suitable solutions such as underpasses/flyovers/tunnels in highly congested areas
7) Review current traffic masterplan and conditions; implement direction based traffic solutions to unclog roads
8) Strict enforcement of traffic and parking rules. Active drives to educate citizens on road safety and traffic rules
9) A centralized traffic network operating center (NOC) to monitor and re-route Delhi-wide traffic using ½
10) Smart roads: LED signages to let people know of en-route traffic conditions to high traffic area 4 effective detouring
11) Parking masterplan and multilevel above-ground and underground parking
12) Work closely with central ministries to ensure effective policy & program implementation for ½ the development of Delhi, such as the proposed Eastern Peripheral Expressway 2/2
13) Make Delhi’s infrastructure friendly to differently-abled people and people special needs
14) A complete integrated & cohesive transport system including last mile coverage with ½ a single smart card for Metro Rail, DTC Buses &Metro feeder buses with discounted rates for students & senior citizens
15) 5,000 new buses and augmentation of DTC services in rural and industrial areas
16)Sewage &drainage management & treatment–more lines & pumping stations along w/ effective treatment 2generate alt energy
17) Regularize e-rickshaws to ensure continued benefits to drivers and riders
18)AutoRickshaw stands will be established &grievances of Taxi/Auto Rickshaw&SchoolVan Drivers will b resolved on priority
19) Encourage usage of alternate-energy-powered vehicles

20) Review and address emerging needs as they arise and continuous dialog with all stakeholders

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