Jul 13, 2014

Selective Humanity

save humanity stop war
Dr Ashok K R
It’s time for us to see the things from true eyes of humanity and not selective humanity. Selective humanity can be equally dangerous like ideas of fundamentalists.

Decade old Israel – Palestine conflict is again in the news, for the same old wrong reason – WAR. The main stream and social media are flooded with the news from the war room. One group supporting Palestine and sharing terribly disturbing photos of innocent children killed by Israeli missiles and the other supporting Israel and sharing news and videos about the terrorism perpetuated by Hamas funded and supported by other Islamic fundamentalist groups from various countries. Supporting Human rights should gain utmost importance during the time of war and human rights are supported in a highly selective manner; this selective support is seen rampantly all over the world including our India.
            It’s not just the Media which has become selective in publishing the news, even the majority of people share, discuss and spread the things which favor their belief and create hatred against people who refuse to believe. Israel – Palestine conflict has brought to limelight the selectiveness of people. One sees frequently the photos with quotes like “You don’t have to be a Muslim to support Gaza, you just have to be Human”, “I am with Gaza”. If not all most of these are shared by Muslims. Though the support for the innocent children and civilians of Gaza are welcome the selective condemnation of Israel and silence regarding Sunni violence in Iraq, violence by religious fundamentalists in various parts of the world makes us to believe that their care for people of Gaza is not because of humanity but because of their belief in the words of religious fundamentalists.
            On the other side we can see flock of people supporting the acts of Israel and condemning the terrorism by Hamas group. Some are even equating Israel with India! These are the same people who speak regularly about the heinous crimes of the Islamic terrorism. But then they selectively ignore the havoc created by Israel in the Gaza strip and West Bank where they kill thousands of people. As per an estimate one Palestinian child is killed per three days by Israeli forces. If we don’t understand the religious fundamentalistic attitude of the Israeli forces then how can one speak about the Humanity crisis created by Islamic terrorists?
              In the present conflict Israel claims that three innocent Israeli youth were killed by Palestinian terrorists and that ignited the war, Palestine clarifies that those three killed were Israeli terrorists. Palestine claims that two innocent Palestini youth were killed by Israeli terrorists and that ignited the war like situation, Israel clarifies that those two killed were Hamas terrorists! Do we see any difference in their claims to begin the war which result in death of civilians? That makes clear that the religious fundamentalists of both sides act in the same way to create unrest, to gain the support and sympathy of people and they use the media as an effective tool to propagate their belief and make the world envy the opposite side.
            Not just the present conflict, even the history of this conflict shows us some interesting facts where both the sides present same points to justify the heinous crimes they are imposing on humanity. “This is our land, they have invaded” “This is our holy soil, given to our forefathers by god” “we need our holy land for ourselves” “we can’t let disbelievers to spoil the purity of our holy land” – these are the common statements by both the groups from many centuries. Only the name of the forefathers and the name of the religion differs. Editor in chief of Mintpress Mnar Muhawesh rightly says All rocket fire should be condemned, whether it be by Hamas or Israel, that much I know is true. It’s time for us to see the things from true eyes of humanity and not selective humanity. Selective humanity can be equally dangerous like ideas of fundamentalists.

Innocent civilian killings of both the sides should be stopped to save the Humanity. If we support killing of one side then we are saving the murderers and not the Humanity.

image source - worldbeyondwar.org 


  1. The solution to this conflict lies in the answer to this question - which came first ... the chicken or the egg?