Aug 21, 2013

What actually COULD BE the duty of a DOCTOR??

                                                                   Amaresh Arali

No creature in the world is immortal. Everything that exists today will ruin someday. Life here seems to be like a bubble on water, which has got no permanent existence. When we know this open secret of nature, then the question that strikes my mind is- What actually is the role of A DOCTOR then...?

However advance science and technology may be today or shall be tomorrow, we human beings do have our own limitations within which we are bound to live and die.

Me, being A MEDICO, it always fascinates me, though we being failed to meet the expectations of our patients why DOCTORS r said to be NEXT TO GOD...? Then again the question arises is, what exactly is the responsibility of a DOCTOR...? When i say being responsible i mean being influential in all means, be it a personal pertaining to a patient, be it towards a community or be it a social responsibility...

After all this, in my view d responsibility of a doctor could be-

This human body is like AN INSTRUMENT, the utmost duty of a doctor could be is- just to keep this INSTRUMENT in a healthy condition so as to continue producing pleasantful music out of it...Because, Right now we are in world wherein we can't escape from diseases. Today each and every person is susceptible to every next disease.
Basically, the mere existence of a human is as an answer to several queries- The one who born should live here. This ART OF LIVING itself has come across several transformations & has been influenced by many factors.

As we can't say that a person having bad habits is particularly vulnerable for disease & those counterparts who don't have shall not suffer of any diseases. So, the duty of a doctor shouldn't be concerned towards promoting or condemning bad habits. Rather we should try to keep this INSTRUMENT (Body) healthy and fit to lead a pleasant life.

Poetry should become an important part of our life, then only every word gains new meaning, then only music of life gains new rhythm. So, we doctors should not be just healers but rather be a friend, philosopher and guide to our patients. Only then there exists a healthy Doctor-Patient relationship & only then there comes meaning to a saying "VAIDHYO NARAYANA"...

At last, the aim of a doctor should be about 'COMMON PURSUIT OF TRUE HAPPINESS'...!

(Inspired by an article'Dehavemba vadyada Aarogyavanta stiti' of P. Lankesh...)
image source - thinkprogress

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