Jul 21, 2015

Learn Photography in Facebook!

Ashok K R
With the advent of Digital SLR's 'photography' became much cheaper when compared to the good old 'film' photography days. The competition between the makers made entry level equipment affordable. Social platforms like facebook, flickr, 500px provided opportunity for the photographers to publicize and share their work with friends and general public. Now in facebook you can see even a novice who has still not understood the basics of photography starting a “XYZ Photography” page! There are many professionals with their “Photography” page where they put their best photos, which can help amateurs to understand the basics. If not all most of these pages restrict themselves to exhibit their best pictures and the photographers use these pages as advertisement for their workshops, lectures. Very few of them share their knowledge of photography, technicality involved in the image making, post processing, equipment in free platforms like facebook. And still very few of them will reply to the questions asked by the viewers. Most commonly the photographers response to the questions of the viewers is to just like that without replying! 

Here is a photography page with a difference. “Sudhir Shivaram Nature and Wildlife Photography” page gives a rare opportunity for the viewers to enjoy the beauty of photography and at the same time it teaches a lot many things of photography! Sudhir Shivaram conducts various workshops, lectures, phototour workshops. Sudhir could have easily restricted his photography page to publicize his photos to get more and more people for workshops. But surprisingly he shares each and every detail of the photography technique in almost all the photos that he regularly adds to the page. He replies to most of the questions asked by the viewers, silly to serious! I have not attended his workshop because by the time I liked his page I was aware of some of the basics of photography, thanks to my photography friends Akshara Raxidi, Pramod Pailoor, Vinyasa Ubaradka and various websites. 

Just a year back Sudhir Shivaram’s photography page had less likes. Now it is increased to a hopping 9,37,000! Recently he has given a rare opportunity for those who can’t afford his workshops to learn the basics of photography from the comfort of home in facebook. Sudhir Shivaram has beautifully rearranged all his photographs under various subheadings. Just go to his photography page, click photos – albums, you will appreciate the different topics shown in the images below. 

You can learn most of the basic things from those posts and enjoy the images of Sudhir Shivaram. Have a question? Just search his other posts as he has covered most of the topics related to photography. Didn’t find an answer? Ask him and chances of getting an answer is 100%!

Disclaimer: I don’t know him personally, and this post is not to promote his paid workshops (though I recommend a novice who wants to be professional photographer to join his workshop!). I admire his work and more than that as a teacher I admire his way of teaching photography.

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