Feb 2, 2014

Seven Sister's questions.....

Nido Tania, a student from north east was beaten to death in New Delhi by some shop keepers. Shop keepers made some comments regarding Nido Tania's hairstyle and race that stirred up the quarrel which finally ended up in the death of Nido. Its not new for the people from Seven Sister States (Arunachal pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura) getting humiliated from citizens of  MAINLAND INDIA. Because of various socio political reasons the number of rebel outfits demanding liberation were more in these states. All those rebellion movements were successfully destroyed by armed forces of India. At a time when the rebellion is fading we have these type of incidents which will further allienate the people of seven sister states from mainland India. Nido was son of congress MLA; that might be one more reason for more coverage in media. Otherwise usually the mainstream media of Mainland India never cares about the events related to north east part of our country. This was evident when the media neglected the naked protest of Manipuri women against indian army with a banner 'INDIAN ARMY RAPE US'. Here is a letter that was published in Justice for Nido Tania facebook page.
People of MAINLAND INDIA dont get surprised if our neighbouring country uses these types of Racial conflicts within the country to support a fresh surge of armed rebellion. Then we talk about patriotism and send our armed forces to “suppress” the rebellion and kill and rape our own people. JAI HIND!

Dear fellow citizens of India,

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim are part of INDIA. These states are India’s paradise unexplored. We are about 7 percent of INDIA’S total area.

- If we dress like a Rock star because we are born with music and are talented, Is there any wrong?

- If we love eating different cuisine because we are from a rich natural resourced state, Is there any wrong?

- If we smile and talk sweetly because we are inbuilt with hospitality, Is there any wrong?

- If we have an open lifestyle and daring personality because we are from dense jungle where our rivers and rainfalls are powerful and we play, fight and mere with them for our survival. Is there any wrong?

- If we can not speak Hindi because it is not our first language, Is there any wrong?

- If we gave beautiful hair, cute nose, fair skin, eyes with small lids because we have oriental looks, Is there any wrong?

- We leave our home, our family at our early stage because we want to explore and learn many new things and our parents encourage us to stand in our feet, Is there any wrong?

- We stay in rented house because we stay away from families to bring changes to the society, Is there any wrong?

- We are still trying to fit in our own COUNTRY because YOU haven’t accepted that WE are all Indians.

Before you call any North East people a ‘chinkis’ or any other racial slurs that you have created for us, kindly understand that we all belong together and what right do you have to give funny or abusive slurs when god himself have created those people with love?

Come to our region, you will be treated like a king because we believe in giving our best service to our guest.

Come to our region we will let you sleep in the best room instead of mocking at you.

Come to our region, we will let you eat the best food instead of abusing you.

Come to our region, and we will take you around our neighbours and we will try to be your best companions instead of giving you names.

Come to our region, we will try to entertain you with our music and let you learn one if you are keen instead of letting you down.

Come to our state of LOVE, we will make you feel love instead of your hatred for us.


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