Aug 5, 2011

Incendies Movie Review.


We all wait for good stories and this is one for sure. Well I will have to be cautious about how much I write about the story as such as not to spoil the impression. Story is adapted from a play ‘scorched’ by wajdimouawad.

The story is about twin brother and sister who, after their mother’s death discover that they have a father and brother in their native land of Lebanon. They also come to know that it’s their mother’s last wish for the twins to find them. So starts the journey to Lebanon in search of her family to discover many ugly facts about the place, and their mother’s struggle.

Very few people can actually manage to tell such dryly intriguing stories (subjective) so beautifully. Well we can be proud to have one such person in kannada film industry puttannakanagal who gave movies like Ranganayaki in 1980’s only.

The story keeps shifting in timeline, makes for wonderful storytelling. The movie touches on many points of human relations or the futility of it. So guys if u want to watch good drama movie u can be sure this is one.

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image source - projections movies
movie genre - war, mystery
Director - Denis Villeneuve

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